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Welcome to Carroll County Local Nonprofits (Westminster, Maryland) 

This group has 3 Core Pillars.

Networking, Empowering, and Community Engagement.

NETWORKING opens doors to new connections that you never knew existed. The power of knowing the right people defines the difference between a dream that never took flight and a reality that changes the world. You might meet someone today that can bring your vision to life tomorrow. On the other hand, you could be the one to find a project that you find passion and meaning in and change your own life. That is the power of networking! This group will provide consistent networking opportunities so that members can meet new people and continue to share their vision and opportunities.

This group also focuses on EMPOWERING its members. From time to time, we will also engage in workshops, learning activities and seminars that will help members achieve their goals. We will discuss potential grant and funding opportunities, and collaborate to increase the probability of success in securing funds. There are also opportunities for mentorships and peer-learning programs.

Lastly, but perhaps most important, is COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT. Through all of the networking and learning activities, we should never lose sight of all of the great work that Non-Profits do for our communities. Many of the members of this group lead, participate, and support Non-Profits throughout the state of Maryland. The power of many is greater than the power of one. As a group, we will come together for volunteer opportunities and community events. This might include volunteering for a community revitalization project, sharing a vendor space at a local event, collaborative community outreach campaigns, organizing a donation drive, or mentoring community youth. There is no limit or restrictions on what we can do when we come together.

Administrator: Angel Hill info@inPOWERInc.org

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